Our Capabilities

When it comes to your customers getting top-notch service, everything from your personnel to your equipment must be operating at its best. The reality is, though, that sometimes situations arise that are less than ideal. While you can call a temp agency to replace a receptionist who is ill last-minute, you can't say the same about calling in a back-up air conditioner if yours suddenly malfunctions. In addition to serving a large territory with our own team members Summer Systems thoroughly vets all of our subcontractors, to guarantee that not only will someone nearby be able to service your issue quickly, but that they're the best in the area to do so. From unforeseen problems like broken heating or cooling units that are essential to keep your office team comfortable, productive, and safe – Summer Systems has the know-how and man-power to trouble-shoot and create solutions.

Project Management

Summer Systems proudly boast a staff with hundreds of years of combined experience in the commercial construction industry. Our team is more than capable of managing your project or program needs. We take a detailed hands on approach to managing your needs. Our staff of Project Managers and Superintendents have company vehicles that are equipped with mobile office solutions including: internet access, laptops, printers, and scanners. Giving them the ability to efficiently network with the rest of our team, our clients as well as our sub-contractors.

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When a company problem-solves with strategy and efficiency like Summer Systems does, it is the only number needed to get the job done.

Project Management

We take a detailed hands on approach to managing your needs.

General Construction

Our team of skilled builders can handle any existing system.


We bring many different types of
the services under one roof and self-perform them.


We actively seek to offer a more complete, quality energy solution.